What’s the turnaround time for my project?

2 – 3 days for Residential projects and 7-10 days for commercial projects. Expedited processing is available upon request.

How long does it take to photograph my property with 360 virtual tours, property photography services from Scan FX ?

Total time varies per project, but it typically takes 2-5 hours for residential projects and 4- 8 hours for commercial projects. Larger projects such as resorts, schools, etc can take multiple days to shoot. It also depends on whether it's a virtual tour, property photography services.

How do I prepare my property for a virtual tour, aerial, or architectural photography shoot?

Simple, make sure the property is clean, each shot location is vacant, and all lights are on.

How much does Scan FX’s virtual tour, property photography service cost?

While our rates remain the same, the total price depends on the size and complexity of your project. Use our Instant Quote builder to calculate the cost of your project regardless if it's a virtual tour, property photography, or aerial photography service.

How much lead time do I need for scheduling?

We can usually schedule residential projects within 24 -48 hours. Commercial projects usually can be schedules 48 – 72 hours.

What is the invoicing process?

We do not invoice you before or during the shoot. Only when the shoot is complete and the total images are recorded, usually same or following day. We ask that payment is received before delivery of final virtual tour and high resolution still images. Your tour will remain in sample mode and photos in low res with watermarks until payment is received.

What is Sample Mode on a 360 virtual tour?

When a 360 virtual tour is in sample mode, it has limited functionality and a "Sample" watermark on the screen.

What is a low resolution, watermarked image?

An image is watermarked with our semi transparent Invision Studio logo and delivered in a much smaller size than the originals so that it cannot be loaded into the un-paid client's marketing material or shared as their own.

What are your payment terms?

We usually set the payment terms at 50% on initial draft images/virtual tour. Remaining amount on completion of the job.

What if I decide not to pay?

Simple, we disable your virtual tour and erase your property photos. Any payment will be no refundable.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Contracts are only required on long term, multiple property deals or projects over QAR 8500.00

Do you bring your own lighting?

We do not use any lighting for our property photography, 360 virtual tours. The quality is greatly enhanced when using natural lighting and HDR.

What is HDR?

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is when a series of photos are taken at different exposures ranging from very bright to very dark and then blended together to create a perfectly lit image. There are in turn no dark shadows or over exposed windows and everything is balanced.

Do you shoot at night?

Yes, we try to shoot any exteriors at dusk or during the first hour after sunset (we call this blue hour) before the sky is too dark to pull light from. Any and all interior images can be taken at night as long as the room has lights in it.

Are day or night shots better for my property when it comes to virtual tours, property photography, or aerial photography services?

It depends on the property. If you are going for a bright, cheery feel then daytime shots are better. If you would like a warm, elegant feel then we recommend night shots. Take into consideration the type of shoot as well, whether it be 360 tours, aerial photography services, or property photography services.

What do I do with my TV screens and fireplaces when Scan FX comes out to shoot a virtual tour of my property?

Please turn all TV screens and computer screens off and keep fireplaces on. We will Photoshop any screen images with whatever you would like in post production.

Should I wet down my cement and landscaping?

We prefer the cement and landscape to remain dry and natural, but if you would like to it is best to do this during sunset/dusk so that the water does not dry up rapidly.

What is the rule of thumb for decorating for my virtual tour, still images?

Less is more. Although completely vacant properties are not recommended at all, the less clutter the better. Keep décor to a healthy minimum.

Should I have people or models in my photo shoot?

Typically not. However, if it is a commercial property (Restaurant, Office Building, Retirement Resort, etc.) that usually has people buzzing around then yes, we would recommend having models. However, everyone participating must sign a model release form.

What is a model release form and how do I find the right one?

A model release form is an agreement signed by each individual in the photo shoot to allow us to photograph them and use their images for marketing and public material. Don’t worry, we have model release forms that we can send for you to print and have signed.

Do I need to close down my common areas during the time of the shoot for commercial properties?

Yes, if you don’t want any people in the shoot, please close down those areas during that time. We can provide very specific time frames that we will be in each area if you would like so that you would only need to keep each area closed for a short period of time.

What happens after the shoot?

After the shoot, whether it be 360 photography, architectural photography, we send the invoice with an ETA to be paid before delivery of final projects. We then perform post processing and produce the 360 tour in which we will provide to you for review. Once reviewed, we perform any final adjustments and send the final virtual tours and photos.

Do you charge extra for modifications and editing?

Light touch ups are provided at no cost.

What should I do if my property is vacant and unfurnished?

We recommend trying your best to add whatever décor or furnishing you can as empty spaces do not translate well in photographs.

What are expectations for landscaping?

Obviously, we recommend having your landscaping in top shape for the shoot.

How are you able to provide expedited processing at no additional cost?

We ask that our customers are curious with their request and only use it when necessary. If the request is made, we place it above the non-time sensitive projects in our queue.

Should I take down any personal photos or sensitive material?

Your welcome to take down any personal pictures and photos. However our technology automatically blurs and faces.