The prices listed are based on the scope of the work to be completed as described above and are based on our careful evaluation of the requirements necessary to complete the project. This price is subject to change due to any modifications to the requirements of the project. Such modifications include: number of images, project time, project details, or project complexity. The client must approve all modification decisions and will be notified if any changes are required. The final amount due will accurately reflect those changes. Work will begin upon the acceptance of terms and contract approval. A signed contract will be required for projects quoted over QAR 8500.00. Emailed approval accepted for projects under QAR 8500.


Scan FX retains full ownership of virtual tour and still image photography resources produced until the total amount listed above is received in full. If full payment is not received within 30 calendar days after final virtual tour and/or still images are sent by Scan FX and received by the client, Scan FX retains the right to place virtual tours into sample mode and restrict access and use of imagery resources created Scan FX. If full payment is not received within 90 calendar days after final virtual tour is sent by Scan FX and received by the client, Scan FX retains the right to terminate or suspend virtual tour functionality and request that all publications of imagery resources belonging to Scan FX be withdrawn.


Proofs will be provided to the client as high resolution jpg images. All still image proofs will be watermarked and virtual tours will be in sample mode until final payment for the project is received. Once received, the final high resolution images and virtual tour will be released to the client.


All work is copyright of ScanFX. Work is released to client upon payment for stated intentional usage and cannot be altered or used for purposes other than original intent without written permission from the owner, Scan FX. Signed copyright transferral notices can be provided upon request.


Turnaround time varies based on project workload. However, typical turnaround time to receive draft scan can take between 2 – 3 business days. Completion deadlines will be provided per project and are partially dependent on client’s cooperation in prompt response/feedback on image proofs and virtual tour production. Scan FX reserves the right to alter deadlines due to unforeseen circumstances that can hinder a timely project delivery or compromise the integrity of the work.

Good Faith Agreement

Scan FX works very closely with each client to provide a unique, high quality and functional virtual tour that is within a client’s budget, time-line and requested project description. In almost every case, these goals are met and often exceeded. However, in cases where we cannot reach an acceptable product based on creative differences and the client wishes to terminate the contract, the client will be invoiced for 50% of work initiated to that point, insofar as all reasonable attempts have been made to meet client’s specifications.