Agents and brokers all over the world have been using Matterport 3D tours to differentiate their listings from the rest on the market, and now results from two different research studies have shown that Matterport walkthroughs can have a huge effect on real estate transactions.

Matterport tours are able to give the concept of a 24/7 virtual open house, available for potential buyers to access at any time, no matter where they are in the world. Listings with Matterport virtual walkthroughs can spend less time on the market than those that are listed with traditional marketing packages, they can also sell for a higher price. 

Study 1:

The first study used an academic statistical analysis of multiple listing service transaction data from four markets across the United States. This analysis showed that, depending on the market, the average listing with a 3D tour sold for up to nine percent more, in comparison to a listing without a 3D tour, the deal also closed up to 31% faster. 

Study 2: 

A second study analysed one of the same sets of data, but uses a more traditional comparison approach, mimicking how a real estate agent would ‘look for comps’ – that is finding comparable properties that have sold recently in the area. This study showed that homes with a Matterport 3D digital twin sold 20% faster than properties that did not have a Matterport walkthrough. 

These results show that 3D tours are becoming a necessary tool in real estate property promotion. Both studies showed a visible lift across home sales.

If your real estate agency would like to see the effects yourself, we can arrange a Matterport property tour. Get in touch to get booked in. 

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