Digital wayfinding is a modern solution to help individuals navigate a property. It allows them to access useful information that allows them to locate everything they are looking for. This includes specific rooms in a hospital or certain shops in a shopping centre or exits on a large campus. Here are some reasons why digital wayfinding is so effective.

How Digital Wayfinding Is Useful


Decreases Stress

When you’re not familiar with an environment, discovering where you need to go can be extremely stressful. This is especially the case when attending an event you have paid for or if you are anxious to see relatives at a hospital.

Digital wayfinding helps by providing a guide for each individual to look at which can make them feel control of the situation. Instead of frantically panicking and asking for directions, they can use wayfinding to navigate around a location.

This creates a positive experience for a person which increases the chances of them returning in the future. 


Using a kiosk or an app on your phone for digital wayfinding is much more environmentally friendly than using a paper brochure to find your way. After all, most people will throw away a brochure after use but the same app can be used indefinitely. Not to mention, reduce paper waste from placing posters around a venue and signs made from other materials.


Digital wayfinding and indoor mapping can be updated frequently on mobile apps. This is useful when changes have been made to a location or to inform people of when certain areas are prohibited.

Furthermore, businesses can decide how to present specific information on offer and make alterations that improve customers’ experience.

Easy To Use

Mobile apps for digital wayfinding make it easy to get to your desired location. You will often receive step by step directions and photos of landmarks. Therefore, it is difficult to get lost with these reference points.

Plus, these wayfinding applications can show where an individual is on the map to make the process of finding a location even clearer. So they know exactly what direction they need to go.

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