Matterport is the standard tool for 3D space capture. Matterport can capture panoramic scans and immersive digital twin models, creating interactive 3D models of spaces. More immersive 3D tours have been scanned with Matterport than any other solution.

A Matterport scan can be used for a whole range of purposes. They are particularly popular in real estate, construction and restoration, travel and hospitality, facilities management and architectural design.

1. Scan with a compatible camera

A specific kind of camera is used to scan the space. This camera can scan any space, from a room in a home, a hotel or an entire office building or factory. 

2. Matterport’s AI does the rest

Matterports Cortex AI platform turns this scan into an interactive 3D model. The cortex can identify objects within the rooms, and can stitch all scans together to reconstruct the space into an immersive visual tour. Matterport automatically blurs peoples faces and identifies the most appealing photos and videos. It is capable of extremely accurate measurements and it can turn your 360 panoramic image into a realistic 3D space.

3. Customise your 3D model

Once Matterport has finished turning your space into a 3D model, you have plenty of scope to customise it how you want. 

Tailor the walkthrough, add annotations, create video and guided tours, add explanatory tags with text, links and videos and generate 4K, print worthy images, videos and animations. 

4. Publish your 3D model

Share your model and any related assets with anyone, on any device, sharing your Matterport generated material is as easy as sharing a photo. You can accelerate collaboration and productivity, expanding your customer reach and engagement. 

There are plenty of ways to share your video; on social media and email, embed it on your website, publish it on Google Street View or send schematic floor plans to clients.

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