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Indoor Navigation

Our indoor navigation services are a great digital wayfinding solution for different industries including retail, real estate, healthcare, travel,events, and many more. Indoor floor plans enable you to visualise any building in 3D to optimise facility management, planning, or resources. Whether it’s an airport, shopping centre, hospital or airport, our indoor navigation solutions can help improve customer experience and boost operational efficiency across your facilities. Interactive building indoor maps create an engaging visitor experience, and play a significant role in workplace operations, facilities support, and workflows maintenance. Digital indoor navigation enables you to create user-friendly and accurate indoor maps for your campus, business or venue. This is a great digital solution for facility management and real estate companies.

Indoor 3D Maps

Indoor 3D navigation is a fantastic digital wayfinding solution that enables you to convert your maps into a digital format. Our indoor 3D navigation technology is a great way to create engaging and smart building solutions with indoor maps for AR, mobile, web, or VR applications. Our digital indoor navigation solution takes into account multiple floor levels, indoor and outdoor transitions, and the features of the faculty such as elevators and toilets. Users just need to zoom in to see the indoor floor plan.

Bring Your Floor Plans To Life With Our Indoor Navigation Solutions

Our indoor navigation system provides institutions and businesses the ability to collect real data from different facilities, and improve the users’ experience. Our smart building navigation solutions bring your floor plans to life. They are an amazing way to improve wayfinding, workplace experience, and productivity.

If you are looking for a reliable indoor mapping company, look no further than Scan Fx. Get in touch with us today on +974 5516 6149 or email us at hello@scan-fx.com. Alternatively, please submit the ‘Enquire Now’ form below.

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