3D virtual tours are a brilliant technological investment to improve customer experience. Before even visiting a venue an individual can look online and see whether a place is worth visiting. Therefore, it is an effective sales tool to reel new people in. It doesn’t matter if it is a house, campus or leisure centre, a virtual tour provides valuable information to the consumer.

What Are 3D Virtual Tours

A 3D virtual tour can be described as a visual simulation of a specific location. It often includes images, videos and narration to enhance wayfinding and make it easy for consumers to navigate.  Or see if a venue suits their needs.

Virtual tours differ from one organisation to another. For example, a hospital’s goal is to show an individual the various areas of the building and simplify their visit. So they don’t get lost and can spend time with loved ones.

In contrast, a business like a theme park wants to show someone why they should pay for a ticket and spend the day there. By displaying a range of rides and other fun activities.

The Advantages

Form Of Digital Wayfinding

3D virtual tours help people to navigate around spacious locations which makes their visit less stressful and more enjoyable. Before visiting a place, a person can do their research online and become familiar with the environment.

Increases Sales

3D property tours are commonly used to close sales. Potential buyers can look at a range of properties online and pick the one they like the most from the images. 360 panoramic virtual tours are especially effective for showing the ins and outs of a place.

Furthermore, virtual tours can exhibit the key selling points of a property which also increases the chance of it being sold.


Imagine how much time and money it would cost to constantly provide in-person tours to customers. With 3D virtual tours, you reach a wider audience and simultaneously reduce costs by not having to pay employees for these tasks. Not to mention, in an in-person tour you may have a hundred people but online there could be thousands viewing.

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