Indoor mapping is a modern concept that aims to improve the navigability of indoor venues. It involves visualizing an indoor facility and its spatial data on a digital 2D or 3D map. Therefore, indoor positioning and navigation are improved as a result of being able to identify places, people and various assets. As a result, indoor mapping helps companies to improve their efficiency and workflow.

Indoor Mapping and Mobile Navigation

On your mobile, indoor mapping is similar to using your phone for outdoor navigation. The only difference is it allows you to identify routes and find objects in a closed environment. In contrast to outdoor mapping, GPS signals are not available indoors, but instead, other technology systems such as Wifi or lighting help to enable positioning services and form indoor maps.

It doesn’t matter what premises you are visiting, indoor mapping allows you to plan a route indoors using customized pins and remarks, which helps you get from A to B. Plus, you can park your vehicle without too much hassle when exploring a new location.

Not to mention, there are a large array of benefits for businesses such as analyzing the potential of facilities, evaluating user behaviours and sending target messages in real-time. All of which can help a company create a better service for their customers.

Technology is ever-growing and indoor mapping is further enhanced by geolocation systems. A business can get access to real-time data on everything that is happening indoors. This includes human movements and the placements of assets. Hence, stakeholders in a company could all share the same amount of information and gain the same level of insight.

Furthermore, indoor navigation systems improve the efficiency of a business. A centralized mapping system ensures facility managers are updated on the most recent changes. Likewise, provide seamless navigation that allows customers to swiftly reach a company store and make a purchase.

With the help of indoor mapping and digital wayfinding, interactive indoor experiences are now a common feature of a consumer’s visit. By using their mobile, they have access to a customizable map that allows them to find everything they need.

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